PART – 1
Once upon a time a girl named Ria had a huge crush on the city named Mumbai but was living in Bhopal with his family. One day Ria got an offer letter from Alexa as she was smart, intelligent, creative but she also had a most important element within herself that she was unaware of  i.e her deep faith in his dream. Dream to become the greatest Entrepreneur. Sometimes she cried just because how to fulfill her dream but she never had doubt as it belongs to her.According to her “Dream only comes to those who has the capabilities to achieve them”. As she just got an offer letter she told this awesome news to her parent but unfortunately they said “NO”. Ria’s heart broke into several pieces. She talked to her Mom and Dad tried to convince them and succeeded only on one condition that if she could not achieve anything in 1 year she has to come back home and get married, she agreed. Next day, she packed her bag and got ready to leave Bhopal and her family .she was filled with joy and happiness as she was about to exploring new thing in life but was sad as she was leaving her family it was mixed emotion which she can’t express. Ria said GOOD BYE !!! to everyone and reached Mumbai,the city where dreams come alive.

#Reveled in PART-2